White Glove Installation


Planing for your project:

 Proper planning is the key to a successful furniture delivery and installation project. Project teams, always headed by one of our principals, conduct a thorough and detailed site survey and review of key construction completion and client move dates. The survey results and key dates are then used to prepare a delivery and installation schedule. Site checklists include loading dock conditions, access for over-sized furniture, protection material requirements, staging areas, hoisting and rigging requirements, site readiness and elevator schedules.

Attention to Details:

White Glove Logistics is  designed to ensure maximum protection for your items. Our professional crew carefully evaluate the needs of each piece. Proper packing and supplies are used to prevent upholstered items from sweating or developing creases and to protect the finish of fine lacquered items. When the circumstances require it we may use acid free packing paper to keep surfaces in pristine condition. For those items that require an extra measure of protection such as large artwork, sculptures, chandeliers and antiques we provide custom crating.

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"All was in- there was absolutely no issues. Super happy with the service and the work. "
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Rey III Viquez , The Rey3 Collection Furniture 

"alisonmartinoMoving day for my mom! These guys are fantastic! Meet Jeremy and Robert. I've moved 10 times and i've ever EVER met better guys. They are so polite and cute it's actually ridiculous. They make a stressful day FUN! Use them if you need movers. #WhiteGloveLogisticsinc."



White gloves and booties are just one aspect of our signature, our experienced installers work quickly and efficiently to guarantee the configuration of the selected furniture systems is accurate. 

Job logs and a final master punch list of all installation problems and exceptions are prepared and followed up by the certified Project Manager.

Warehouse Receiving & Detailed Item Inspection

As part of our Receiving process we provide timely and accurate updates on the status and condition of your items. We provide immediate notification upon receiving your items into our warehouse. Once the items have been thoroughly inspected we submit a complete Receiving Report including detailed photographs of each item.

Design Installation Services

Customized White Glove Services and Handeling 

- Fine Art installation

- Designer furniture installation

- Designer furniture shipping

- Art shipping

- Art transport services

- Designer inventory management


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White Glove Logistics handles the most complicated of logistics, shepherding our client’s FF&E through all of its manufacturing stages to its final installation. 

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White Glove Logistics is actually working on the THE DREAM HOTEL HOLLYWOOD  

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Our Logistics Managers will provide:

  • Coordination of ship dates, date needed on jobsite, transit times, unloading, and communication of receipt with purchaser.
  • Purchase order verification for pre-determined quantities on every shipment.
  • Review and coordinate the purchase of inbound coverage on behalf of the Client to attempt to insure full replacement value of merchandise.
  • Continually evaluate the performance of all selected carriers to ensure their acceptability for all aspects of the current project.
  • Perform tracking functions for the client, monitoring all shipment dates and freight routing.
  • White Glove Logistics will file, negotiate, and resolve freight claims on behalf of the client.

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